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Wires and Cables Magnet wire, Litz Wire, Resistence Wire, Braided Cables,Miniature Coaxial Cables, Flexible/Ultraflexiable, Ultraminiature Cables, Electrode Wire, Assemblies & Moulding, Ultra High Temerature Lead Wire, Flexible Power & Ground Cables, Medical/BioMedical Wire & Cable Cooner Wire
Capacitors Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polystyrene (Commercial & Mil-Spec) Electronics Concepts
Inserts Multisert/trisert/Yardley/Microbarb/Himould for Heat/ Ultrasonic insertion, Self Tapping insertion, Push-in insertion, into Plastic, Wood, Foam materials . Tappex
Pla Lock Screws Reversed-Lead screw thread prevent the screw from being loosened. Specially designed drilling screw for plastic material. Tama Electronics

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